Treatment of Eye Diseases

At BCC Optometry, we offer you an eye exam in Brampton that include the most technologically advanced equipment which allows our doctors to give you care that goes beyond your expectations. We want to ensure that your eyes have the best care and therefore we strive to ensure our clinic is equipped to provide you that care.

Each of our Optometrists have full training and credentials to first diagnose, then treat and manage a variety of eye conditions. We work alongside several Ophthalmologists to make sure that a treatment option can be found for you quickly. Below is a list of common ocular diseases that we manage regularly for our patients:

Cataracts can show up in anyone at any age, including children and infants. However, more cataracts are found when adults reach the age of 55 due to the normal aging process of the eye therefore regular visits to an eye doctor in Brampton is essential Identifying this condition before it begins to significantly affect your vision. Cataracts will cause a clouding inside the eye that can hinder a patient’s eyesight in several different ways. At BCC Optometry, we work hard to make sure cataracts are discovered and treatment is implemented before the issue becomes too serious.

People who have uncontrolled or a long history of diabetes are most susceptible to diabetic retinopathy. When a patient first gets diabetes, there may not be any vision threatening symptoms. Doctors recommend having comprehensive eye exams at an eye doctor in Brampton to ensure symptoms are caught as soon as possible. Any patient that is diagnosed with diabetes is covered by OHIP and therefore able to receive comprehensive eye exams every 12 months.

Most patients are not aware that they may have glaucoma as it is a relatively “silent” disease. Glaucoma can cause permanent vision loss therefore it is imperative that patients see and eye doctor in Brampton regularly so that this disease can be caught at its earliest stage. During a comprehensive eye exam our optometrists check things like eye pressure, peripheral vision and assess the optic nerve.

Macular degeneration is a steadily degenerative disease which affects the part of the eye called the macula. The macula is the part of the retina whose job is to focus and sharpen vision. There are several factors that contribute to the appearance and advancements of macular degeneration including but not limited to:

  • Age
  • High blood pressure
  • Genetics
  • And smoking

Like other eye doctors in Brampton, we ensure to test our patients during a comprehensive eye exam to see if there are signs of this disease that we can detect before it becomes a severe issue to deal with.

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Kiersten DrynanKiersten Drynan
15:31 20 May 22
Very pleasant. Greeted enthusiastically by very friendly folks at the front. The office is tastefully decorated and not intimidating. Was taken in promptly. Everything was explained during the prescreen. The doctor was friendly and informative, took care to show and explain all information. Caring and efficient! My daughters recommended after visiting and I am glad I listened!
Roberto SueiaRoberto Sueia
23:12 12 May 22
On Wednesday May 11 2022 I saw Dr. Malarvily Krishnamoorthy. She was efficient and kind.I felt confident about her knowledge.
Nimisha BhagatNimisha Bhagat
15:33 30 Apr 22
Dr. Sivalingam is awesome! He is very humble and gives an honest opinion. The staff at the front desk is great as well!
Tony TranTony Tran
19:43 24 Apr 22
Great eye doctor, pretty expensive exams but worth the full checkup, especially if you plan to go there for years. They compare side by side the years and your eye history. They have the all the machines and the standard visual test. !!! 100% recommend. Plus is when they dilate your eyes you can walk around the mall for 20 minutes if you like that.
Rehana BakshRehana Baksh
17:17 13 Apr 22
Today I had my first eye exam in about 8 years and the staff at BCC Optometry made me feel really comfortable during my visit. They were very friendly, thorough, knowledgeable, and provided excellent care. I will definitely be returning for my check-ups! 10/10