Eye Infections and Emergencies

By going to an eye doctor in Brampton like BCC Optometry, you are able to save yourself hours of time by not going to the emergency room or a walk-in clinic. Our doctors are able to treat all forms of ocular emergencies including red eyes, pink eye, foreign bodies and many other ocular emergencies. If there is a need for it, we can also refer you to an Ophthalmologist for more specialized care.

We are proud to be one of the eye doctors in Brampton that offer emergency eye care services. If you are having, or feel like you could be having, an eye emergency during our office hours, please call us immediately and we will do everything we can to help.


  • Eye infections such as red eyes, pink eye, itching or other severe eye pain or discomfort.
  • Ocular allergies, dry eye, contact lense issues and irritated eyes.
  • Eye trauma including foreign body removal, eye scratches or various other eye injuries.
  • Other visual symptoms such as floaters, flashes or sudden loss in vision in one or both eyes.


Dry eyes may be due to weak tear production or poor quality of tears which will lead to a patient having dry eyes.

Dry eye is a common ocular issue that can leave a patient with irritated eyes that feel gritty, burning and very uncomfortable. A number of factors can cause dry eyes including but not limited to gender, age, conditions of the environment around you, medical conditions, and certain types of medications.

Your eye doctor in Brampton, BCC Optometry, will analyze your tear film, note how severe the condition is as well as pinpoint the cause of the symptoms. After the analysis is complete, a prescription will be given as to how to treat the condition, hopefully alleviating the symptoms.

Read what others have to say!
Kiersten DrynanKiersten Drynan
15:31 20 May 22
Very pleasant. Greeted enthusiastically by very friendly folks at the front. The office is tastefully decorated and not intimidating. Was taken in promptly. Everything was explained during the prescreen. The doctor was friendly and informative, took care to show and explain all information. Caring and efficient! My daughters recommended after visiting and I am glad I listened!
Roberto SueiaRoberto Sueia
23:12 12 May 22
On Wednesday May 11 2022 I saw Dr. Malarvily Krishnamoorthy. She was efficient and kind.I felt confident about her knowledge.
Nimisha BhagatNimisha Bhagat
15:33 30 Apr 22
Dr. Sivalingam is awesome! He is very humble and gives an honest opinion. The staff at the front desk is great as well!
Tony TranTony Tran
19:43 24 Apr 22
Great eye doctor, pretty expensive exams but worth the full checkup, especially if you plan to go there for years. They compare side by side the years and your eye history. They have the all the machines and the standard visual test. !!! 100% recommend. Plus is when they dilate your eyes you can walk around the mall for 20 minutes if you like that.
Rehana BakshRehana Baksh
17:17 13 Apr 22
Today I had my first eye exam in about 8 years and the staff at BCC Optometry made me feel really comfortable during my visit. They were very friendly, thorough, knowledgeable, and provided excellent care. I will definitely be returning for my check-ups! 10/10